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Click the date to get to the video, with some downloading capability where possible. The pdf file is the discourse from the Sathya Sai Speaks series at www.sssbpt.info/.

2009.02.23 pdf Sivarathri. "Love God and meditate on Him"
2008.11.23 pdf
83rd Birthday. "Lead a happy life with a feeling of camaraderie and fraternity"
2008.05.06 pdf Eswaraama Day. "Respect and honour your mother and make her happy"
2008.03.06 pdf Sivarathri. "Understand the principle of unity"
2008.01.01 pdf New Year. "All Are One; Be Alike To Everyone"  
2007.12.26 pdf Christmas. "Anything in life can be achieved with faith in God" (start at minute 42)
2007.07.28 pdf World youth conf, conclusion. "Always be happy and peaceful"
2007.07.26 pdf World Youth Conf. Inaugural discourse excerpts. "Only love for God is true love"
2006.12.25 pdf Christmas. "Earn eternal peace with eternal truth"
2006.11.22 pdf Convocation. "Put human values into practice"
2006.08.9-20   Athi Rudra Maha Yagna. Discourse excerpts
2005.11.23 pdf 80th Birthday. "Realise your innate Divinity to attain peace"
2005.07.21 pdf Gurupurnima. "Pray for the welfare of all"
2005.04.18 pdf Ramanavami. "Ramayana - A Sacred Way Of Life"
2004.12.25 pdf Christmas. "My power is the power of love"
2004.11.23 pdf Birthday. "Dedicate your life to serve society"
2004.11.22 pdf Convocation. "Experience Divinity within In total silence"
2004.10.19 pdf Dasara. "Obey the divine command with total faith"
2004.09.06 pdf Krishna Birthday. "God protects those who protect sathya and dharma"
2004.07.02 pdf Guru Purnima. "The form of God is Love"
2004.02.19 pdf Sivarathri. "Concentration of mind on the divine is real sadhana"
2003.12.25 pdf Christmas Day. "You are God yourself"
2003.07.13 pdf Guru Purnima. "Cast off body attachment to develop Atmic consciousness"
2003.05.06 pdf Easwaramma Day. "Love and respect your parents and sanctify your life"
2001.11.23 pdf Birthday discourse: "Self-confidence And equanimity lead to divine bliss"
2001.11.22 pdf Convocation Benedictory Address: "Humility And character: the hallmarks of true education"
2001.11.21 pdf Conference Valedictory Address: "Pari prashna -The divine answers"
2001.11.20 pdf Conference Inaugural Address: "'Educare' is true education"
2001.11.19 pdf Ladies Day. "Good mothers are nation’s pride"
2001.11.18   Partial discourse on anniversary of Chaitanya Jyothi Museum. Not in Sathya Sai Speaks
1999.11.23 pdf 74th Birthday, "Complete surrender, confers bliss"
1999.11.22 pdf 18th Convocation, SSSIHL, "True education liberates"
1999.11.21 pdf Conclusion, 2nd World Youth Conf. "Seek God within"
1999.11.19 pdf Ladies Day, "Importance of mother's grace"
1999.11.18 pdf Inauguration, 2nd World Youth Conf. "Youth should transform the world"
1999.10.14 pdf "Follow divine commands"
1999.10.01 pdf Paduka ceremony. "Install padukas in your heart"
1998.12.25 pdf Christmas. "Sacrifice leads to Immortality"
1998.10.11 pdf Sixth anniv. of Paduka ceremony. "Offer yourself to God"
1997.09.22 pdf "Recover the spirit of sacrifice"
1997.07.20 pdf Guru Purnima. "Manifest the Divine within you"
1997.07.19 pdf First World Youth Conf. "Cultivate Character: Lead an ideal life"
1997.07.18 pdf First World Youth Conf. "Adhere to truth; realise Divinity within"
1997.07.17 pdf First World Youth Conf. "Love God, fear sin, guard human values"
1997.07.16 pdf First World Youth Conf. "Role of Sai youth in world crisis"
1997.03.08 pdf Mahasivarathri. "Bhajans and bliss"
1997.03.07 pdf Mahasivarathri. "Service, love, and sacrifice"
1996.12.25 pdf Christmas day. "Realise God through love"
1996.11.23 pdf 71st Birthday. "Fill you hearts with love"
1996.11.22 pdf 15th Convocation. "Adhere to sathya and dharma"
1996.11.21   71st Birthday. Not in the Sathya Sai Speaks series
1996.11.19 pdf Ladies Day. "The Glory of Bharath's Women"
1996.10.03 pdf Paduka puja. "Who is dear to the Lord?"
1996.02.18 pdf Mahasivarathri. "Cherish the Glorious Heirtage of Barath"
1995.11.23 pdf "Love and sacrifice will save mankind"
1995.07.12 pdf Guru Purnima. "The divine dispeller of darkness"
1995.07.11 pdf "Acquire Friendship of God"
1995.07.08 pdf "Significance of worship at the Lord's feet"
1994.11.23 pdf 69th Birthday. "The Avatar and the devotees"
1994.11.22 pdf 13th Convocation of the SSSIHL. "Education and culture"
1994.01.23 pdf Concluding session, Cardiac Conf. No title
1994.11.21 pdf First session, Cardiac Conf. "Food, the heart, and the mind"
1993.02.20 pdf Sivaratri. "Serve the Divine: Chant the Name"
1992.11.23 pdf 67th Birthday. "Revere the mother; serve the motherland"
1992.11.22 pdf 11th Convocation of the SSSIHL. "Recovery of moral values"
1992.03.03 pdf Mahasivarathri. "Purify the world by sankeerthana"
1992.03.02 pdf Mahasivarathri. "The Power of the Divine Name"
1991.11.22 pdf 10th Convocation. "Lead ideal lives"
1991.04.??   Swami talks to westerners in Kodai Kanal.
1990.11.23 pdf Birthday. "Restore the glory of Bharat"
1990.11.22 pdf Convocation of the SSSIHL. "Towards a value-based education"
1990.11.21 pdf 5th World Conf of SSS Seva Orgs. "Seva that sanctifies"
1990.11.20 pdf 5th World Conf of SSS Seva Orgs. "The devotee dear to the Lord"
1990.11.19 pdf 5th World Conf of SSS Seva Orgs. "Service is duty"
1989.12.25 pdf Christmas. "Where to find God"
1987.10.01 pdf Dasara. "Pranavopaasana"
1987.09.30   Discourse. Does not appear in Sathya Sai Speaks. We are checking.
1987.09.27 pdf Dasara. "The perennial quest"
1987.09.24 pdf Symp. Value Orientation in Higher Ed. "Spiritual basis for value education"
1983.12.25   Christmas. Does not appear in Sathya Sai Speaks.
1983.08.31 pdf Krishna's Birthday. "Why the Avatar Comes"
  Training Camp for Bal Vikas Teachers in Prasanthi Nilayam. No titles.
1983.02.11 pdf Mahasivaratri. "The ever auspicious Lord"
1983.01.14   Makar Sankranti discourse, in Brindavan. Not in Sathya Sai Speaks series
1983.01.01 pdf New Year. "Vedic Declarations"
1968.11.23   "The Message I Bring", by RIchard Bock. Believed to be written from previous discourses by N. Kasturi.

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