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18-21 Nov 1999. Second World Youth Conference

This inauguration ceremony of the Second World Youth Conference featured several speakers: V. Srinivasan (minute 14:15), Billy Fong (17:15),Puja Sharma 25:30, and Wendy Ward (27:00).

Thereafter, Sathya Sai Baba gave His Discourse (starting at 30 min 34sec).

The transcript of the discourse is here as a pdf file: www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume32/sss32p2-12.pdf.

Concluding ceremony, on 21 November.

The concluding ceremony included talks by Indulal Shah (minute 2:30), J. Jagadeesan (5:00), V. Srinivasan (11:20), Art Ong Jumsai (13:15), S.V. Giri (16:40), and Art Ong Jumsai again (18:40). Sai Baba also gave out gifts to some people.

Divine Discourse, titled "Seek God Within", concludes the conference, on 21 November.

The transcript of the discourse is here as a pdf file: www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume32/sss32p2-14.pdf.

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