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Technical Help
The video streams on this site work with

Windows Media Player
on Windows and Mac and


on Linux.

They may work with other media players also, like Real Player and WinAmp. The media player must support Windows Media Video Codecs v7 and v9.

Users with XPSP2 and Windows Media Player 10 may have trouble accessing the streams. Until the problem is resolved, please use WMP 9 or another player, e.g. WinAmp.

A telephone modem providing 56x kbs does not have enough bandwidth to support videos. Generally, a cable modem or high speed access through your telephone line, called DSL in the United States, is necessary. If you can't see a picture or it appears jerky, it may be because you have a telephone modem.

TIP: Several websites will test the speed of your internet connection. Try one of the ones given below. A speed of 256kbps should be enough to see the videos.




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