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Daniel Schmidt videos

This series of meditation videos, called the Sai Samadhi Meditations, were created by Daniel Schmidt as a gift to devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. They were created after Sai Baba left His physical body in April 2011.

DIVINE NAMES. This video repeats the 108 and 1008 divine names of Sathya Sai Baba. The music is borrowed from original Saican recordings. The imagery is incorporated to include principles in concert with all religious and esoteric traditions, in keeping with Sai Baba's message to "Call me by whatever name is familiar to you; 'All Names are Mine, All Forms are Mine ...'"

We try to create here the effects that would normally take place in ceremonial practice; using those principles of sound, light, color, and symbol in a ritual setting of image sequences that we call 'ceremonial magic'.

That said; this imagery is a gift from Sai Baba to show that he is the ONE that is aware of everything; past, present, and future; in all places; at all times.


PADUGA MEMORIES. The Padhuga Worship honors the feet of the Lord. For detailed explanations watch a separate video on the Golden Chariot in which detailed talks on the subject are given by Prof. Anil Kumar (see the video on saicast.org for 1997 September 22-24. Paduka Ceremonies).

The purpose of these videos is to provide a living focus during recitations of divine names (japa, mantra, or namasmarana), they will focus the mind during breathing exercises (pranayama). They have a life of their own in the sacred "cloud" of energies which they will help to invoke in the name of divinity.

The video segments are from several Sai videos, the bulk of which were produced by Saican for the Sai Padhuga Trust, Madhurai. The mantras recorded by Saican were chanted by P.S. Jayaram Sastrikal, the priest who conducted the Padhuga Puja at Prashanthi Nilayam.

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