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2014 June 27. Phyllis Krystal speaks at the Manhattan Sai Baba Center

Sister Phyllis Krystal was born in London, England, on 11 May 1914. Counting birthdays, she is 100, although counting years the way one does in many western countries, she is 99.

She completed her education before marrying and moving to California in 1937. She married Sidney Krystal, a lawyer, has two daughters, and has a grand-daughter and a grandson. In the late 1950’s, she began receiving in meditation the method she now teaches. She and her husband first heard about Sathya Sai Baba in late 1972 and visited Him for the first time in January 1973. They soon discovered that the teaching she had been receiving was the same as Baba’s message, as Baba confirmed it in repeated interviews.

It was entirely due to Baba’s urging and patience that she was eventually able to break away from extreme shyness in order to be free to travel extensively to give talks to devotees about her experiences with Baba, as well as seminars on the method. Phyllis has written many books, including "The Ultimate Experience" and "Let's Thank God", all of which she attributes to Baba, who encouraged her to write them.

In 2007, Phyllis attended the 3rd World Youth Conference in Prashanti Nilayam, India, and spoke in front of Baba to the Kulwant Hall audience. During her talk, she walked everyone through the method of channeling Baba's Love and spreading it to all.

Under Baba’s continued inspiration, she continues to travel around the world and is also writing more books.

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