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2012 Dec 25. Sai Christmas Memories

This video is a Sai Gift, a Sai “Merry Christmas” message … just one instance in the millions that are received from Him every day.

Daniel Schmidt created this video. He put it together, using his very creative, Sai-given, powers with technology, his skill with film design, and his spiritual knowledge --as well as past videos of Christmas in Prasanthi Nilayam. The discourse seen on the video is Sai Baba's discourse of 25 December 1998, titled "Sacrifice leads to immortality". You can obtain the whole discourse, in the Sathya Sai Speaks version, here, as a pdf file.

The music is that of Dennis Neal --he made the arrangements, played the keyboard, and sang the various parts. Within this video are tracks that have been converted recently into mp3s from a Christmas cassette tape that Dennis made in 1995, titled Christmas Comes Anew.

Dennis is known for western traditional renditions of Eastern bhajans. He created "Sai Vijayam", consisting of prayers, mantras, and 108 Names of God in western style, which you can download from sathyasai.org here.

We hope for more in the future from both Daniel and Dennis.

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