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Christmas Day morning, Christmas Carols
Christmas Day Evening, Part I
Christmas Day Evening, Part II

On Christmas morning, before 8AM, devotees from South Africa sang Christmas Carols in Sai Kulwant Hall.

In the evening, in Part I of the video, Swami, blessed many Christmas cakes on the Verandah. John Behner spoke briefly and instroduced two speakers (minute 8:00): Ms. Pruzan, a Dane, spoke gracefully, sharing her personal experience of the 'Divine Pull' and Swami's omnipresence (12:45). Cass Smith, a musician from California, spoke of Swami's Love, strummed his guitar, and sang (29:20).

Part I of the video also includes the start of the concert, "Christmas in Sai Love", by a group of Italians, and most of the concert is in Part I.

The Italian group is led by Sonja Venturi and includes Sergio Vigagni, Evige Fontana, Dalliah Gutman, Bruno Pratico, and a set of musical scorers. The Italians sang for over fifty minutes. A Beethoven Medley, a couple of Italian numbers, White Christmas, and others were followed by a grand finale, 'Happy Christmas'.


For details, please visit www.sssbpt.org/Pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/christmas2010.html

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