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Ladies Day, 19 November 2010, Part I
Ladies Day, 19 November, 2010, Part II

After the parade into Sai Kulwant Hall, several speeches are given: Smt. Chetana Raju, Managing Trustee of Easwaramma Women Welfare Trust (minute 2:30) and Smt. Mallika Srinivasan, Director of Amalgations Group and CEO of TAFE India Ltd. (7:15) speak first

At 10:00, Smt J. Geeta Reddy, Minister from the State, speaks.

The highlight is the speech by President Smt. Pratibha Patil (16:00).

After Mrs. Hyma Reddy, USA, speaks (31:45). balvikas children from Tamil Nadu make a brief dance drama presentation titled "Mahishasura Mardhini".

For more details, see: sssbpt.org/pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/ladiesdayreport2010.html.

In Part II, the popular Carnatic Vocalist of South India, Smt. Sudha Raghunathan, sang for 45 minutes. After the programme, Bhagawan gave away saris and dhothis to the artistes and accompanists respectively. A short bhajan session followed before the offering of Mangala Arathi.

For more details, see: sssbpt.org/pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/ladiesdayreport2010.html.

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