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Abdul Kalam at European Union parliament, 2007 April 25

Dr. Abdul Kalam, President of India, addressed the European Union Parliament in April 2007. Here, we present an extract in which he quotes a saying of Sathya Sai Baba:

    Where there is righteousness in the heart,
       there is beauty in the character.
    When there is beauty in the character,
       there is harmony in the home.
    When there is harmony in the home,
       there is an order in the nation.
    When there is order in the´╗┐ nation,
       there is peace in the world.

After the speech, and standing ovation, the President of the European Parliament, said, "Mr President Abdul Kalam, in the name of European Parliament, I want to thank you for this most important and inspiring speech. This was one of the most extraordinary speeches we have ever heard. From a statesman, scientist, and a poet, this is unique. All the best to this great nation India, all the best to our cooperation between the great nation India and the European Union, all the best Mr. President."

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