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1994 Sept. 3. Michael McCarty in Houston, Texas
1994 Sept. 4. Michael McCarty in Houston, Texas

An immensely entertaining and unusual account of the speaker's transformation after meeting Sai Baba. It's full of honesty, humour, and insights about the spiritual path and the impact Baba makes on us. These two talks are specially dramatic because Michael McCarty has a wonderful gift for story telling. In fact, Michael is a professional storyteller --see his website: www.havemouthwillrunit.com.

Michael spoke also at a retreat in August 2012 (18 years later), and his bio for that retreat reads, ""August 13, 2012 marks my 30th Baba-versary. This encounter of the divine kind would change the course of my life. Baba told me not to worry about money, health, or career, that He would take care. And has He ever. Baba is a One-derful career counselor, financial planner, and health care provider. I recommend Him highly:)."



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