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1976. Master and Avatar, by Lawrence Galante

One morning, Lawrence Galante awoke from a vivid dream in which Sai Baba told Lawrence to write a book about him. The dream lead to his first visit to India in 1976 to determine for himself whether the remarkable claims surrounding Sai Baba were true.

Every day, Lawrence watched Sai Baba tirelessly attending to the masses, materializing vibhuti and religious objects, and then giving them away as gifts to devotees. Every day, Baba healed the sick and taught something to everyone who came to him.

This is the DVD of that trip. It contains rare and revealing scenes of the daily life of Sai Baba and a rare view of authentic materializations. Called by the London Times "the most impressive holy man to emerge in hundreds of years", Sai Baba remains an enigma for all humankind to ponder.

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