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Murali Madhavam: 17 December 2010, by Srikakulam District, AP, Part I
Murali Madhavam: 17 December 2010, by Srikakulam District, AP, Part II

The programme was a part of a three-day Parthi Yatra organized by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Srikakulam, A.P. Murali-Madhavam is an adaptation from the times of Dwapara telling the story of the evolution of a devotee into an image of His chosen God.

Interspersed with a series of dances, the one-hour presentation is a visual treat, rich with melodious music and colourful costumes. Poems and songs for the drama were taken from the original divine collection.

After the presentation, safari pieces were distributed to the entire crew while prasadam was distribution to the packed audience.

After a brief pause after Arathi, Bhagawan moved down and posed for pictures with the crew. He also lit the Akhanda Jyothi that would travel back to the district. From the past five years the district has been blessed with this good fortune of carrying the Akhanda Jyothi from Prasanthi. These Akhanda Jyothis would be placed in different centres and temples for the benefit of devotees.

The Srikakulam group also had a huge procession outside the main gates of Prasanthi, an annual affair reflecting religious fervour.

For more information, visit www.sssbpt.org/Pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/muralimadhavam17122010.html

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