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22 November 2010. Convocation

The 29th Convocation of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning was held in Sai Kulwant Hall. The Chief Guest for the Convocation was Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

The Institute Oath was administered to the students by the Vice Chancellor: "I hereby solemnly declare and promise that if admitted to the degree duly recommended I will in my thought, word, and deed … support the cause of sound learning, morality and spirituality … all round welfare of my countrymen and fellowmen."

Gold medals for various degrees were presented to the students by the Chancellor. Doctorates were awarded individually to several students.

The Hon'ble Chief Guest Dr. Manmohan Singh delivered his Convocation Address. He remembered giving the address 15 years earlier, in 1995. The convocation ended with the singing of the National Anthem.

Bhagavan Baba gave a discourse thereafter, but it is not on this video.

For more information, visit www.sssbpt.org/Pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/convocation2010.html.

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