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Maa, a dance drama by Bihar & Jharkhand, 5 October, Part I
Maa, a dance drama by Bihar & Jharkhand, 5 October, Part II

The twin states of Bihar and Jharkhand presented a colourful dance drama titled "Maa". Speaking about the programme, the State President made a mention of the greater enthusiastic participation of former students of Anantapur College for Women, in the twin states.

Mother is referred to as "Shakthi" and the programme began showing Shakthi Durga's manifestations into five mothers, namely, Veda Mata, Bhu Mata, Gau Mata, Desha Mata and Deha Mata. Parading through the four yugas, beginning with the Sathya Yuga, the programme presented illustrious mothers of great culture and character, highlighting the glory of Motherhood.

Reference to Bhagawan's Anantapur College in character building, laying foundation to Motherhood Principle, was made before the concluding scene, which depicted the most celebrated revered Mother Easwaramma.

Tiny tots from the twin states ended the colourful presentation with a refrain, "O Sai Maa, We All Love You!". Entire crew of participants, Balvikas Children, was presented with saris followed by a photograph session with Bhagawan.

For more details, see www.sssbpt.org/pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/maa05102010.html.

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