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Syan Sya Aradhana, by UP and Uttarakhand, 25 Sep 2010

The twin states from the North of India, UP and Uttarakhand, present a programme in Hindi, "Syan Sya Aradhana". The play was based on the rich cultural traditions of northern region of Kumaon Mandal in Uttarakhand.

Earlier before the beginning of the cultural presentation, a model of the triune holy shrines from the twin states, namely, Badrinath, Kedarnat, and Lakshman Jhoola, was taken to Swami, with state president giving details about it to Bhagawan.

After the programme, Bhagawan moved down the dais, posing for a photo session. This was followed by clothe distribution to the participants --saris and safari pieces. Prasadam was distributed to the entire audience before Bhagawan left for His Divine Abode after accepting Mangala Arathi.

For more pictures and details, visit www.sssbpt.org/pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/syansya2010.html

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