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Vedanjali, by Andhra Pradesh, 14 September 2010, Part I
Vedanjali, by Andhra Pradesh, 14 September 2010, Part II

This 40-minute presentation, in Telugu, was a "Visual Essay" of "Veda Poshana" --fostering of the Vedas by the Avatar of the Age, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, as identified by Him long ago as one of His Avataric Mission. Weaved in the backdrop of a village wherein the village chieftain or the preceptor takes reservation about liberal Vedic training, the presentation evolves as the Sai Youth enters propagating the greater need of Vedic studies. Dispelling darkness of ignorance, Sai Youth comes up with inspirational real life stories of some of the 'past masters' of the likes of Kamavadhani, Gandhikota Subramanya Sastry, and Kolluri Somasekhara Sastry, convincing the village preceptor of the greater need of liberal studies of the Vedam in the present day.

A pause ensued after the presentation. Then bhajans commenced. As the bhajans continued and safari pieces came in for distribution, Bhagawan moved down the ramp to sit facing the youth and to watch the distribution from close quarter. With the clothe distribution over, followed by Prasadam distribution, Bhagawan posed with the Youth, finally moving among them before returning onstage. Bhajans continued for some more time before Bhagawan indicated for Managala Arathi.

For more pictures and details, visit sssbpt.org/Pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/vedanjali14092010.html.

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