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Margathara, dance drama by Kerala, Part I
Margathara, dance drama by Kerala, Part II

In the state of Kerala, Onam marks the "Home Coming" of ruler Mahabali, who is believed to be making his annual visit to his former kingdom, meeting his subjects, reminiscing those good olden days in the land now popular as "God's Own Country".

Proceedings began with the State President making an announcement on the Inter Collegiate and School Level Essay Writing Competition held in the state by the Organisation attended by over 15000 participants. Gold Medalists, Kum. Anjani Hariharan and Kum. Sukanya,were introduced to the audience and received the medals from Swami Himself.

A group of 99 Balvikas children from Kerala presented a unique programme titled "Keraleeyam". To the background scores of medley of songs in vernacular malayalam, they danced forth, depicting stories of the glory of Adi Shankara to Parashurama, to the story of Prahlada and Narasimha Avatar, finally talking about the 'home coming' of the Emperor Mahabali. Singing folklore Onam songs they danced heralding the arrival of harvest season and Onam depicting the olden golden days of the Emperor.

"Margathara", a dance drama presentation by the Balvikas children from the state followed. It depicted the illustrious story of 'Balatapaswi', child ascetic Dhruva and his pious, virtuous mother, both of whom were rewarded by the greater heaven to become eternal stars for their surrender and highest devotion to God.

For more information, please visit www.sssbpt.org/pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/onam2010.html

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