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Bakthi Samarpan, 30 July 2010, by children from Sikkim. Part I
Bakthi Samarpan, 30 July 2010, by children from Sikkim. Part II

Bhagawan emerged just after 1730 hrs. to a fresh bout of Vedic chants. Gliding through, Bhagawan was greeted by a set of tiny tots from the North Eastern State of Sikkim, arrayed at the centre pathway.

'Bhakti Samarpan', was a dance representation from the State expressing the collective yearning of His children from that land for divine benevolence, to bless the land with His Divine visit.

The choir, consisting of six national choirs, had nine songs sung in unison. The first song was an English one on purity, light and joy. "And let it shine, and let it shine, in the heart of mine, Love Divine…" the choristers sung in chorus.

Dances that followed represented the land's geographical attributes as well as diverse cultural traditions. Clad in colourful costumes, thematic per item, these children, after a half-an-hour presentation, gathered at the centre to sing, swaying joyfully, a final song.

The forty minute presentation was followed by a 'presentation ceremony' wherein sarees and vibhuti prasadam were given away to the participants. The choreographer who 'orchestrated' the entire programme won special attention as Bhagawan called him unto the dais to materialise and bless him with a golden chain.

For more pictures and details, visit sssbpt.org/Pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/sikkim2010.html

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