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Russians Sing in Sai Kulwant Hall, 13 July

As the Russians sing, Bhagawan talks to them and showers them with gifts. One sung, by a lady, praises Allah.

Bhajans by Russians follow, and then Arathi. Afterward, Bhagawan personally gives away clothes to participants, coming to Him in disciplined order. At the end, Bhagawan asked the group to sing bhajans and after one bhajan another Arathi follows before Bhagawan retires.

Russians Play, 13 July
Hallowed Be Thy Name

The skit is story of a young Russian who travels around the world to collect songs on God. Wherever he goes, to his surprise, he hears the name "Sai". He learns of the Kali Yuga Avatar Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and His all encompassing Divinity. Every new country he visits gives him fresh insights into Sai.

He ends up in Puttaparthi and finds a group of children singing the glory of His name. It turns out that the children learnt the song from their parents, whom he had met in his travels.

For more details, visit sssbpt.org/Pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/russia02.html.

Choir of the Russian-speaking Countries, 12 July

A small parade of the Russian-speaking countries sets the stage for a singing performance that captures the hearts of all those in Sai Kulwant Hall. Singing joyfully, with lots of drifting and tilting and swaying, they sing in unison in Russian tongue, with power packed expressions reflecting on their faces making merry on the evening, rejoicing in the presence of the Ultimate Presence! Intermixed with songs from that area of the world were bhajans. Bhagawan materializes a golden chain for the Lady Conductor to the loud cheering of Sai Kulwant Hall.

For more details, visit sssbpt.org/Pages/Prasanthi_Nilayam/russia01.html.

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