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2009 Jan 11. Sport festival

After Sathya Sai Baba arrives at Hillview Stadium, the students of the university and schools parade in. We are then treated to magnificent, beautiful, and breathtaking performances, from students on trampolines (calling themselves the "trampolions") to acrobatic feats on motorcycles, creative percussionists, feats on stilt-ladders, exquisite presentations depiciting the elements by the women of the Anantapur campus, ancient defensive arts, and more.


The evening is devoted to performances by the students of the primary school, giving us a riot of colour and song in the form of dances, balancing acts, floor exercises --even gymnastics on roller skates.

At the end, after arathi, we are treated to closeups of Sathya Sai Baba as He leaves.

In this Annual Sports Festival, everyone wins, for the game is not to compete but to create innovative and entertaining presentations that show what people can do when they work together for the benefit of all.

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