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24-26 December 2008. Christmas

Christmas Eve, 24 December
After Sathya Sai Baba comes in and takes His place on the verandah, we have an evening of music, mostly Christmas music, by devotees. Near the end, Sai Baba materializes a necklace for the conductor, and she comes forward so that He can put it around her neck.

The evening ends with a few bhajans by the college boys.


Christmas Day, 25 December
We are treated to music by the University Brass Band, playing popular Christmas pices. Then, the primary school violins play a number of pieces. A dozen "Santas" ran around, spraying chocolates on all. The university students entertain us all with Christmas carols, interpersed with some explanations. At the end of the program, Sai Baba receives arathi.


Boxing Day, 26 December
The children's choir sings a number of songs, interspersed with skits displaying varioius important events in the life of Jesus. Afterward, Sai Baba takes the time to individually distribute gifts to all the children. The celebration ends with Arathi.

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