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2007 Feb 24. Chinese New Year

Chinese new year morning
Sathya Sai Baba was led into Sai Kulwant Hall in a procession and colourful pageantry of lion dancers and men dressed in Chinese regal attire. He lit candles. Mr. Billy Fong Goon Poy, organizing chair of the celebrations, addressed the gathering. In the Chinese tradition, tea and cake were offered to Sai Baba. Students then recited vedic mantras and stanzas from the "Di Zi Gui", a code of conduct for children. A choir presentation and bhajans, some in Chinese, end the video. Here is a Report on the event.


Chinese new year evening
Devotees from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia perform a play, "My Parents, My Treasure", with colourful dancing. The drama vividly captures the dilemma people face these days: the conflict between profound ancient culture and wisdom on one hand and the modern, material lifestyle on the other. Bhajans and Arathi follow. Here is a Report on the event.

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