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2006 July 8. Three concerts

Morning concert. Sri P. Krishnamurthy

The audience was treated to Krishnamurthy singing while playing the harmonium, with Vinod Sehgal on the flute, Sri Shantanu on the tabla, and Sri Rajesh on the violin. After the perfromance, Sai Baba materialized a chain for Krishnamurthy and a ring for Singhal.


Evening concert. Ranjan Kulkarni, Sudhir Phadke, and Nishikant Barodekar

The first item in the evening concert was the trio (tihayee) of the sitar, the sarod, and the tabla. Kulkarni plays the sarod, Phadke the sitar, and Barodekar the tabla. At the end of this concert, Sai Baba materializes a ring for Sri Kulkarni.


Evening concert. Richa Sharma

A wonderful concert by one of the most respected and talented singers in Bollywood. Her beautiful voice kept the audience enthralled. She has been trained in both Indian classical music and light music.

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