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20-21 July 2005. Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima Symphony
On 20 July 2005, an orchestra made up of professional and amateur musicians from around the world played classical music in Sai Kulwant Hall. The packed Hall was thrilled to hear music of Beethoven, Dvorak, Mozart, and other composers, including some rousing Spanish pieces.


Guru Purnima morning
Thiis video consists mainly of Sathya SaiBaba's discourse on 21 July. Near the end, a devotee shows Him a booklet, and there is just a bit of the cake cutting ceremony.

We can't escape the consequences of our actions, except by the grace of God. Strive to earn that grace. Swami tells the story of Markandeya, who escaped Lord Yama (God of Death) after his allotted 16 years because of his intense devotion.

Swami says we may undertake any number of spiritual practices, but we should never forget God's name. Chant it day in day out, and He will respond.

Swami talks about the Water Supply Projects in East and West Godavari districts, nearing completion.

Here is the discourse, titled "Pray for The welfare of all": pdf


Guru Purnima evening
The evening festival celebrations on Guru Purnima, 21 July, consist of singing by two students of the SSSIHL. Near the end, there is also a dance by 8-9 of the students. Sathya SaiBaba listens to the complete performance.

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