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Christmas 2004, with discourse

24 December, Christmas Eve, Part 1.
An entire program of traditional and original Christmas carols bring devotional tears to the singers as Swami shows his enjoyment and ever-flowing love.


24 December, Christmas Eve, Part 2.
Conclusion of the 2004 Christmas Eve celebration in Prasanthai Nilyam, with many more carols and darshan of Bhagawan.


Discourse, 25 December: My Power is the Power of Love.
God permeates the entire universe. That is why it is said that all hands, feet, eyee, heads, mouths, and ears are His. Food and water are the gifts of God.

Anything can be achieved through prayer, but we should pray to God not for worldly desires but to attain Him.

Jesus taught that all are the children of God. While being crucified, he said, "Oh Father, let Thy Will be done."

Only love will help you achieve success in life, so develop love. That is the prayer God expects from you.

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