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Sivarathri, 18-19 February 2004, with discourse

This video captures Sri Sathya Sai Baba bringing forth a new Lingam on 18 February 2004. "I came to the Sai Kulwant Hall at 1 o'clock," Baba said, "It is during this auspicious time that the divine lingas emerge from Kailasa. The lingas emerge of their own accord at the divine will."


Sivarathri Discourse

We have to understand the true significance and philosophy underlying the festival Sivarathri. Sai Baba explains this, interweaving it with the story of Nachiketha and Yama, the Lord of death.

Swami says that we have to give up body attachment and talks about spiritual practices (sadhana). The real meaning of that term, He says, is to give up body attachment and to try to experience atmic bliss.

Swami says, "Wherever you may be, divine love will protect you always. Cultivate such type of love. That is real sadhana.

Swami says that renunciation leads to liberation and that we are true devotees and will attain His grace if our thoughts are [always] fixed on God.

Read the discourse:    pdf       dwnld (250mb)

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