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1999 Dec 24-25. Christmas

On December 24, the Christmas Choir sings in Sai Kulwant Hall. At minute 31:00, Sai Baba materializes a necklace for the conductor. Bhajns start at minute 31:48.


Devotees stage the drama "Jesus and the Wizard of Love" is presented in the Purnachandra on 24 December.

The children and overseas devotees parade into Kulwant Hall, and Sai Baba is seen on the balcony of the temple (mandir).

At minute 15:40, Sai Baba gives darshan. At minute 21:00 the college boys music program begins, with their orchestra playing. At minute 43:45, the boys chorus joins in. Sia Baba get up and walks around at minute 1:12:00.

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