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1999 April 12. Ndola Conference on Education in Human Values

This is the first of four videos of the workshop titled "Practical Application of Sri Sathya Sai Education and Human Values in a Sathya Sai School" held in Ndola, Zambia. Victor Kanu is the moderator, introducing the workshop and each of the presenters.

We apologize for not getting the spellings of all presenters correct. Please email the webmaster of sathyasai.org if you can improve on our spellings.

At minute 21:60, the first presenter, Mr. Kamochandra (??), speaks on the concept of educational effectiveness.
At minute 42:00, Mr. Dacker (??) speaks on learning and instruction time.
At minute 1:16:00, Mr. Macamu (??) speaks on classroom teaching.
At minute 1:42:30, Mr. Hampunica (??) speaks on the student's learning capacity.

In this part 2, Mr. Mulinga talks about in-service teacher training.
At minute 21:00, Mr. Lim talks about teaching students about agriculture.
At minute 43:20, Mrs. Temple talks about the preparation and motiviation of teachers.
At minute 1:10:00, Mrs. Dakkar talks about teacher education and class sizes.

In this part 3, Dr. Kanu gives a speech of about 20 minutes.
At minute 23:00, Mrs. Lim talksexternal factors that effect Sai Schools, such a parents and community support.
At minute 51:00, Mrs. ??? introduces the need for appropriate record keeping and has two panelists join her for a discussion.

In this part 4, Dr. Manchishi of the School of Education at the University of Zambia provides an assessment of the Sai School in Zambia.
At minute 45:35, two delegates gives their impressions of the conference.
At minute 51:20, Kishin Kubchandani and Dr. Jumsai provide concluding remarks.

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