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1998 Oct 7-11. Padugha Trust Ceremonies

This video shows ceremonies performed by the Sri Sai Padhuga Trust, Madurai. After an introduction, it begins at minute 5:45 with the consecration by Sathya Sai Baba of the Goddess Gayatri Devi idol in Prasanthi Nilayam .

At minute 6:46, the scene shifts to Madurai, where a puja is performed for Lord Krishna, cow, and calf idol and consecration of various idols (all performed earlier in September).

At minute 1:14:20, the scene shifts back to Puttaparthy and a parade into Sai Kulwant Hall. Sai Baba greets them at minute 1:21:20, and thereafter, several ceremonies take place at different times.


This video continues the Sri Sai Padhuga Trust, Madurai, ceremonies.

It starts with the consecration of the Goddess Gayatri Devi idol in Prasanthi Nilayam. At minute 6:11 we are back in Sai Kulwant Hall for a concerts by Dr. Heeramalini Seshadhri and Party and Sri L. Ramesh and Party (minute 19:00).

Sai Baba comes in for the evening festivities on 11 October at minute 23:18, Mr. Srinivasa gives the annual report of the Sri Sathya Sai Padhuga Trust. At minute 40:33, Dr. N. Lakshmi Narayanan and Dr. Gadiya speak.

Sai Baba gives His discourse at minute 42:40. It is titled "Offer yourself to God". Here is the text: (pdf file).


We see the dedication of and offering to (samarpanam) the Lord Gopalakrishna idol and glimpse the Golden Chariot. At minute 11:00, Sathya Sai Baba walks into Sai Kulwant Hall and gets on chariot. The video says this it the "Sathya Sai Swarna Adhitya Padhuga Rathotsavam" on 10/10/1998. At minute 23:46, Sai Baba gets off the chariot and, soon, a musical program starts, followed by Arathi.

At minute 47:50, we see the packing of worship (puja) materials, and at minute 57:20 the paduka ceremony for thousands of people starts.


In this fourth video, we see crowds in Sai Kulwant Hall, with their padukas,with Sai Baba walking among them.

After two minutees, the video switches to dawn outside Sai Kulwant Hall, on 12 October 1998, and a parade of 3006 recipient couples carrying their Sri Sai padukas. They sttream into Sai Kulwant Hall with Sai Baba there. At minute 24:32, Sai Babasits on throne for the "swarna padha puja". At minute 38:35 there vedic is chanting by boys followed by a speech by Sri P.S. Jayaram Sasthri.

At 46:29, Sai Baba givies His dscourse, titled "Install God's feet in your heart",
Very difficult to hear/understand. After Arathi, at minute 1:01:26, there is a short clip showing preparation of food and serving food.

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