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1983 February. On a plane and in the Purnachandra

This video is dark and blurry at times. Neverthelss, it is part of history and deserves to be available to all.

Swami returns to Puttaparthi from Mumbai on a commercial flight from Mumbai to Bangalore 1983.

At minute 6:50, Swami gives darshan in the Poornachandra Hall during Maha Shivaratri on 11 February 1983.

At minute 16:15, Prof. N. Kasturi introduces the two speaker.

At minute 18.20, Dr. M. Chenna Reddy gets up to speak.

Dr. V.K. Gokak speaks at minute 37.40.

Sathya Sai Baba gives His Divine Discourse in the Purnachandra on Mahsivaratri night, 11 February. The discourse is titled, "The Ever Auspicious Lord".

Here is the pdf file of the discourse.

Sathya Sai Baba comes into the Purnachandra Hall in the morning while Mahasivaratri bhajans are going on. He gives darshan and sits to enjoy the bhajans. Arthi is conducted and prasad is distributed to devotees.

This video is very dark and blurred, for most of it, due to the lighting in the Purnachandra. Nevertheless, we make it available for historical purposes.


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