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1983 January 14. Makar Sankranti Discourse

As the sun seemingly full of peace and radiance comes onto the horizon and as the day fluctuates between heat and cold, as the fields wear a wholesome look full of greenery, full of prosperity and beckoning the auspicious spirit of time, as the moon plays hide and seek behind clouds which come into view now which disappear from view then as we have the lush green fields dancing and tossing their heads in glee as the breeze wafts across them and we have a striking pattern of green striking you now, and you have a strong pattern of red striking you then as they pass like the marigold flower in full bloom tossing their heads in glee. There are granaries full and days indicating peace, prosperity and auspiciousness this is the moment of the festival of Sankranti which has come our way ushering in an era of peace and prosperity.

Only through a full complement of love, love that is total, that is pure and wholesome can you possibly get a degree of comfort, peace, or joy. It is such a love alone that is going to confirm on you an element of truth and truthful existence and the onset of peace and joy. Without love, where can you possibly get an iota of security of peace or joy.

Time is endless and beginless. Time does not wait for anyone, time does not follow anyone. It is humanity that has to follow time.

Swami expounds on the aspect of time and life. Over time, man creates a garland of problems. Swami speaks on how to overcome the problems man has made for himself.

This discourse is not in Sathya Sai Speaks.


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