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1982 Aug 8–22. Materializations at Sai Nivas

This video documents manifestations of vibuthi (ash) and amrit (nectar) that occurred beginning 8 August 1982 for two weeks at Sai Nivas, the home of Ramesh and Sunita Wadhwani in Shelton, Connecticut, USA. ("Sai Nivas" means "Home of Sai".)

Jack Hislop, the head of the Sai Organization at the time, asked Sai Baba about these manifestations, and Sai Baba confirmed that it was from Him. Jack sent a letter to Sai Centers confirming this. We will make that letter available here as soon as we obtain a copy of it.

Speaking in this video are Ramesh and Sunita Wadhwani; his niece, Mona Punjabi; her brother, Suresh Wadhwani; a friend, Jaya Hemrajani; and Jack Lenchiner.

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